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alright, stop. wait a minute ;)

you've obviously come to this page because you are interested in talking with me further about a certain event, your mega important wedding date, or perhaps another service i offer! this holds the outlet to which you can contact me and tell me your deepest darkest secrets.... just kidding. its a good chance for me to get to know you right off the hop. Now, I want to address this before we embark further. I want to be with you on your wedding day, offering guidance, support and grabbing those messy unposed shots. I consider my style to be more candid than posed. I mean, of course I give you prompts and direction, but "slight head tilt to the left" and " okay now big smiles at me! 3...2...1... cheese!" is reallllllly not my style! So if you have come looking for that, just know that is not me (and thats totally OK!- everyone is different). 


I want to be someone who you trust to capture your relationship perfectly, I don't want to be another vendor. which is why I want to support the growth of not just a business relationship but a friendship. obviously though, I want you to be invested in my work, and my creative abilities. 



i am passionate about my business. i have been working hard and i have come to realize that building friendships rather than just gaining another client is far more important to me. that is why i am so in depth with the booking process before we actually secure down your date. my goal is to ensure that we will be the best of friends and not just another thing to check off the list before the big day. I am here to help you with timeline planning, suggesting badass locations for dreamy sunset bridals, or even just for emotional support while you are seeing yourself for the first time all dolled up in your gown.


if you consider yourself a messy, wild, adventurous person, then I think we will get along just fine. I dream of the days where i can travel and find new locations with my couples. I love having new friends that I am able to help them capture their relationship perfectly. 

I ask some pretty out of norm questions, only because I want to further understand you. like i said previous, I want to be your pal, not just another vendor who happens to have possession of a camera. 


So, if you like messy wind blown moments, laughing with your best friend in the entire world, and being able to be yourselves in front of the camera than go ahead, fill out that form below.  I can't wait to see what we are able to create together! 



say hello!

I wanna know all the details about you two as individuals, as a couple. I want you to tell me about the proposal and all the messy details. I want to know who spoke the words 'i love you' first. i wanna know the quirky details about your relationship! i wanna know the little things so i am able to understand and perfectly capture 'you'!

tell me your story!